Mimicking Masterpieces: Apprentice’s StART

Hi everyone! I’m Melina, and I recently graduated from high school. It was a successful four-year experience of making new friends, stepping out of my comfort zone by taking advantage of my opportunities (which you can read about in my previous column, The Meme-ing of Life), and learning about myself, including my passion for graphic design. My participation in my high school’s Digital Media Design Academy allowed me to discover and regularly exercise my graphic design skills. However, since I’m going off to college, I was afraid I might no longer have frequent opportunities to exercise these skills. Therefore, using this column, I hope to continue pursuing my passion for graphic design for as long as I can.

In my future posts, I will share artists whose art styles I find uniquely visually appealing, then highlight which characteristics recur (and define) their art style, and finally, mimic their style in my own way. I’m the most excited for that last part. If you’re interested in joining me on my journey to learn about other artists and document my progress, stay tuned!