real cute: sip & grub

I have a huge sweet tooth. I love candy, ice cream, boba, macarons, strawberry milk, cookies, pastries, tea, and Japanese desserts, like mochi. I love baking my favorite desserts as well. My favorite flavors (in general) are strawberry, peach, matcha, mint, cookies & cream and vanilla.

Milk chocolate, dark chocolate (because white chocolate is too sweet), and gummy bears are my favorite candy. I really pay attention to the texture and flavor of my food, and I enjoy chocolate because it has a nice snap and gummy bears, because of their chewiness.

There are so many ice cream flavors, so it’s hard to say what my favorite flavor is, but a few that I absolutely love are mint chocolate chip, cookies & cream, strawberry, almond butter & honey, and caramel cookie crunch.

My favorite boba place in San Francisco is Boba Guys. My favorite milk tea flavors are almond, rose, lavender, jasmine, and matcha, as well as their iced milk and thai iced tea.

I don’t have a favorite macaron flavor, but I like raspberry macarons. My favorite macaron place is called Honey & Butter, in Los Angeles. They make super cute macarons that include animals and the latest characters.

I love eating and making blueberry scones, cream puffs, fruit tarts, waffles, and donuts.

I balance out all the sweets I eat with my love of spicy food. I love eating spicy ramen, and I prefer noodles over rice.