Table of 3: Cheese

     Even though it’s summer I’m still feeling stressed. I don’t have anything to stress about though. Maybe it’s the lingering thought of going back to school in about forty days? That’s why I decided to do what I usually do when I’m stressed–go online and generate a random word to draw. Don’t worry, this post isn’t just my drawing, I forced my friends Katie and Leila to draw with me. Now, for the long awaited announcement of the randomly generated word. The word for this week is, drumroll please, cheese! Lo and behold our cheesy artwork. Don’t forget to not stress.


    As much as I love cheese, I’m actually quite sensitive to lactose. That’s why too much dairy means making an appointment with the bathroom. It’s not too bad since I can eat a few pieces of cheese here and there. It’s just not a good idea to down a whole bowl of milk if I don’t want to be farting a storm for the rest of the day. This, however, isn’t good enough to satisfy my cheese cravings. I want more, but, my Asian stomach says no. I want to grab a handful of cheese and shove it in my mouth hole. Therefore, my cheese drawing is of a greasy thirty-year-old with no life who, similar to me, obviously loves cheese too much.



Ah cheese, I would put it on everything if I could. My latest cheese infatuation has been with brie cheese(the specific cheese I drew here). At first glance, you probably thought this was a cake, and I don’t blame you. But when doing this, I really didn’t want to just draw your ordinary cheese–too predictable–so what do I do? Of course, set it in a crazy color palette.



       A long time ago, back when I was a wee child in elementary school, there was this board game in my kindergarten classroom called Mouse Trap.  Of course, with all the plastic pieces you have to assemble, a little 6-year-old isn’t going to know how to play it. But this was also maybe because I would’ve been too shy to ask anyone to play with me. Anyway, the point is, as a cool teenager, with friends, obviously, I decided to make my own version that requires no friends, only my overly complicated imagination.


Anywhale, that’s it for now. I will see you next stress.