ZINEior YEAR: I finished

“Fugazi” is an Italian slang word, meaning “fake” or “not real”, pronounced foo-GAH-zee, according to Wikipedia. I have heard this word mostly used to describe bootleg or knockoff designer clothes, which I relate to on a spiritual level. All throughout this year, I have been questioning if what I am experiencing is real or not. If you ask my friends to do an impression of me, they’ll mockingly say, “Whoa, is this real…? I feel weird… it’s like we’re on vacation or something.” The title Real or Fugazi refers to my constant inability to fully grasp the reality of my recent experiences on a conceptual level. That sounds ridiculous, but that’s just how it be.

This zine is nothing like how I imagined it to be, but senior year was equally as unpredictable. Images in this zine, which document my last year of high school, are given very little context, mostly because I honestly don’t understand the context in which these images were created. This zine is not necessarily a compilation of my highlights throughout the year, but of things that kind of just happened. I guess that’s a good summary of senior year; it kind of just happened.