The Coolyst Duelyst: Budget Brome Warcrest Deck

Duelyst Budget Brome Warcrest Deck List: 

Spells: Sundrop Elixir x3 Lasting Judgement x3 Marching Orders x3 Lucent Beam x3 Sun Bloom x2 Tempest x3 Afterblaze x3 Martyrdom x2 Holy Immolation x3 Sunstrike x2 Trinity Oath x3 Circle of Life x2 Aperion’s Claim x1


Minions: Scintilla x3 Abjudicator x3


This deck will be a spell-based deck, focused around staying alive with your heal spells and chipping your opponent’s health down with your Crestfallens. This is a great deck to use if you enjoy playing long games because it will take you a while to kill the enemy general. You will definitely have a good chance of winning due to the cards that help you outlive the enemy. 

Brome Warcrest.png

Brome Warcrest – This will be the third general from the Lyonar Kingdoms and also the best choice of a general with this type of deck. The Bloodborn spell is unique to this general, in that it gives you the ability to summon a 1, 2  minion with provoke. This spell will allow you to survive longer because it forces the enemy to attack it first due to provoke instead of your general.

Sundrop Elixir.png

Sundrop Elixir – You will need three Sundrop Elixirs in this deck in order to stay alive for many turns of fighting without minions to back you up. A one mana card, it’s great to clutch out combos, while staying alive in both the early and late game.

Lasting Judgement.png

Lasting Judgement – This is a great spell for handling early game minions. Most minions have less than four health early game so this will be a great way to destroy them without taking any damage.

Lucent Beam.png

Lucent Beam – In this deck, you won’t have many ways to deal damage to the opponent because of your lack of minions. This spell will allow you to deal four damage to any enemy if anything is healed on that turn. This is a great way to deal four damage with only two mana.

Marching Orders.png

Marching Orders – Marching Orders is a great spell to make your general take additional damage from your Crestfallens, because it makes them immune to spells. Also, it will buff up the minions in front and behind your general, giving you decent-sized minions with provoke.

Sun Bloom.png


Sun bloom – This spell will be your only dispel card in your deck. You will need two of these in your deck because it will help you deal with annoying minion abilities.



Tempest – This will be a great spell to deal with minions at a range (and also for dealing with large numbers of minions). It will also be a great way to deal two damage to the enemy general and help to chip away at their health.



Afterblaze – After Blaze will be a great card to have in a deck with the general’s bloodborne spell. The Crestfallen with the zeal ability will have great synergy with Afterblaze, allowing you to keep a card advantage while having a big, tanky minion on the field.


Martyrdom – Martyrdom will be a good spell in that it’s the only form of instant removal. It will help you with basically any minion. You will need to keep in mind of the health that you are restoring to the enemy general.  

Holy Immolation.png

Holy Immolation – This spell with deal four damage to anything around the minion you activate this spell on. To get the most value out of it, you’ll want to maximize the four mana that you trade using this spell. While clearing minions, I would try to use this against the enemy general. Although this spell heals the minion for four health, you will most likely not use it in that capacity because of the lack of minions in the deck.



Sunstrike – Sunstrike is a great card to deal damage to anything in any row. It’s also a great way to heal yourself and friendly minions in the row. It will also help late game with finishing off the enemy general.

Trinity Oath.png

Trinity Oath – Trinity Oath is a great source of healing and allows you to maintain a good strong hand. In any deck having a hand advantage is always solid and Trinity Oath will always keep your hand full.

Circle of Life.png


Circle of Life – This spell will help you deal with bigger minions without getting hit and is also a great way to keep yourself in the game with the 5 points of health that gets restored to your general.

Aperion's Claim.png

Aperion’s Claim – Aperion’s Claim will basically be your insurance for the late game. If you are being cornered by the enemy general and their minions, this spell will help you clutch out many situations. Being able to clear all minions in a 3 by 3 will definitely give you the advantage late game.


Scintilla – This minion will help you stay alive in the later game by giving you the ability to heal for three points of health through Bloodsurge. This minion will also be very hard to kill later on because you will most likely have a Crestfallen on the field, which will force your opponent to kill it first (due to Provoke).


Adjudicator –  Having a spell-based deck, Adjudicator will be a great minion to summon early game, which reduces all the spell cards in your deck by 1. It might not seem like a lot, but it will definitely help you chain more spell combos later on in the game.


Bonus effects that you will be dealing with as a Lyonar player will be:

Zeal – This attribute only is active while next to your general.

Provoke – This attribute will force any nearby enemy to attack the minion with provoke, protecting your other minions.

Blood Surge – The attribute that goes along with the Bloodsurge will activate when you activate your bloodbound spell.

Opening Gambit – The attribute will activate once the minion is summoned.