The Art of The Block: A Look into Terraria

This is a picture of my main world and character. Immediately, you will find that I am fighting a boss called The Destroyer. The Destroyer is one of the first bosses you kill after you enter Hardmode. Hardmode is when you kill the boss called, Wall of Flesh. The Destroyer has the second biggest health pool in the game, but don’t let this scare you though. The Destroyer is made up of 82 entities which must each be hit individually with each use of a weapon.

The Destroyer has two methods of damage: hitting you with lasers or hitting you with its body. When an entity of The Destroyer suffers a certain amount of damage, the light on it will be broken, and when the light breaks, a probe will pop out. These probes will fly around and fire lasers at you. Probes are usually easy to kill, but since each section of the body is able to spawn a probe, the probes can overwhelm you.

One of the arenas you can make for this boss is a box that is high in the air with a single block missing from the bottom. The hole is for shooting through; the platforms allow you to escape the box so that you can kill the probes outside. The Destroyer can go through blocks, so that’s why it is mandatory that you make the box high in the air. The probes can also go through blocks. This is where the platforms on top come in, which allow you to kill the probes before they have a chance to get in and ram you. Campfires, heart lanterns, honey, the Nurse NPC, and heart statues help keep you topped up on health. That is why I recommend keeping these items in your box.