Raise The Bar: How We Meet

How Does A Weightlifting Meet Work?

The lifters usually check in and weigh in at least an hour before they start the session. The meet consists of two lifts, the snatch and the clean & jerk. The athletes will have three attempts at each lift and go from the lightest opening weight to the heaviest in the session. After everyone finishes the snatch, there is a 10 minute break and then they move on to the clean and jerk. Each session is separated by sex, age, and weight, but is sometimes mixed if there aren’t enough people in a session.

Types of Weights

Small White – 0.5kg ( 1.1lbs ) each plate

Small Green – 1kg (  2.2lbs ) each plate

Small Yellow – 1.5kg ( 3.3lbs ) each plate

Small Blue –  2kg ( 4.4lbs ) each plate

Collars – 2.5kg ( 5.5lbs) each collar

Small Red – 2.5kg ( 5.5lbs ) each plate

Big Green – 10kg ( 22lbs ) each plate

Big Yellow – 15kg ( 33lbs ) each plate

Big Blue – 20kg ( 44lbs ) each plate

Big Red – 25kg ( 55lbs ) each plate

Rules (Most of these are to ensure the safety of the lifter)

1) No part of the lifter (except the bottom of the feet) shall touch the platform.

2) The lifter cannot “press out” the barbell. A press out is when the elbows are bent and the lifter uses strength of the arms to lock out the elbows.

3) The lift must be all in one continuous movement – no stopping and restarting.

4) The elbows must not touch thighs or knees during the clean. This is dangerous and can cause serious injury.

5) The lifter must hold the bar steady and be motionless between the clean and the jerk.

6) The lifter must hold the bar steady and motionless (in all parts of the body) overhead with feet inline with the plane of the trunk until the judges give the down signal

7) The lifter must guide the bar down at least below shoulder level when the lift is complete. Dropping from overhead is dangerous and an incorrect movement.

8) The lifter must remain on the platform during the execution of the lift.