Very Real: Stefano’s Egg Salad

Stefano has many things which he cloisters away inside the stomach of a big swamp fish. Last time I checked, I found the following:

  1. An eye that has been disguised as a deviled egg. (But don’t be fooled, it still works.)
  2. Eight legs.
  3. More than enough children. (He them he loves them all equally, but he adores little Henrietta the most.)
  4. The complete Frank Sinatra catalog. (His favorite song is My Way since deep down, he is quite selfish.)
  5. Crippling depression. (Even deeper down, he feels bad about his selfishness.)
  6. Nine cartons of almond milk. (Stefano is lactose intolerant.)
  7. Kidney stones. (Swamp water is strong stuff)
  8. A frequent shopper stamp card from Denny’s. (He is anything but frequent.)
  9. ASMR on VHS tapes.