A Pause for Sanity: Slowing Down

With lives so full of work, activities, and deadlines, days can start blurring together into never ending stress and anxiety. It can be easy to lose sight of the smaller things in life that tend to make us happy. Throughout this past year, I have used my passion for photography to help me pause and appreciate things around me that make me who I am. Always on the lookout for the next meaningful photo opportunity, I have learned to slow down and appreciate my surroundings. The simple ritual of taking and editing pictures has developed into my own kind of mindfulness that keeps me grounded. With my column, I hope to share my opinions and emotions through the collections of pictures I have taken and edited. Each post will center around a part of me, including fashion, friends and feelings, incorporating aesthetics and color schemes that I am drawn to. I will take pictures from different times in my life and assemble them as a collage to express these different themes. I hope to promote this conscious mindset while sharing pictures I love!