Sonder Street Studios: A Greeting

Welcome to the studio! It’s senior year, and my time as a student in San Francisco is coming to a close. Approaching is a period of new beginnings and years away from this city, state, and coast, but these changes signal an end to a familiar era: childhood years spent frantically idle in rosy retrospect.

It’s time to pack up my things, tie up loose threads, and bid my farewells. These past few years have been a time of great change; I’ve met so many people that have become such integral parts of my life, while I’ve had to say goodbye to many others. Time is running out to reconnect, renew, and reach out.

If I’ve taken anything away from the whirlwind of these past few years, it’s the realization that life is your masterpiece. It’s yours to create, sketch, paint, and erase. Caught up in your own canvas, it’s easy to forget that everyone else, whether they’re in the foreground or background of your own painting, is caught up in their own shades, hues, and colors.

In this column, I will be reaching out to different people in my life – past, present, future, heroes, companions, and strangers – and letting their colors bleed into mine. Make their stories a part of my own, and capture their likeness in paint and pencil.