Cut & Paste: Summer in Twain Harte

I remember laying in the warm sand with the sun glowing down on me with a soft serve melting in my hand. Running across the dam onto the rock, the prickling heat of the ground quickening our speed. Jumping off the diving board into the cool water. Eating dinner in the dark summer night with my closest friends and family, looking up at millions of stars. No worries about getting home and doing homework, or the endless list of what to do the next day. We can be who we want to be, live carelessly and go on adventures, for it is summer!

Twain Harte is a small town, just 60 miles southeast from Yosemite National Park. The population is smaller than the student body at my school, and yet it holds a bigger place in my heart than school ever could. Not many people have been to Twain Harte, but I hope my collage can take you, not only to the town, but to the many summers that I have enjoyed there.