Golden Hour: Like… Photos

“I want to style my hair like a guy. I actually want to see what I can do, you know? I want to use gel and make it go up and make it look nice. Not a mohawk though. I want to dress like the guys that dress really nice, maybe myself in a tuxedo. You know if I was an ugly guy, I’d try to make myself look better.” – Elizabeth Gogolitsyna

5:24 PM
5:53 PM

“I hate it, like I hate hearing myself say ‘like,’ I sound so stupid like.. Oh my God, I can’t not do it! It’s so annoying. When I hear myself say it, it makes me feel very stupid. Like I have no’s yea I’m doing it again. It’s, it’s like (Ahhh!)… it’s like trying to fill this empty silence. I’ll never be able to stop.”

5:56 PM

“I remember in first grade, when my sister passed away, I don’t know how long it took me to go back to school, but when I did, I remember everyone knew about it and they made me this card and everybody signed their name, wrote a little note and gave it to me. I remember everybody in the class kept trying to play with me at recess and lunch. I remember thinking, ‘You guys do not want to be friends with me. You guys just feel bad for me.’”

5:58 PM