Hay Fever: just between you and me

PUTT-PUTT is almost done with our new song! It is being mixed at the moment, so we’ve been dialing in all our volume levels and super special effects. It’s going to drop real soon, but in the meantime, let me introduce you to my guitars. My electric is named Rey (who I dubbed after watching Star Wars, The Force Awakens). My acoustic is named Hoss (after a sea lion I did a project on in 7th grade).

I spend a lot of quality time with them, as you can see in these pictures; we eat together and watch the sunset together. In all seriousness, guitars are very important to me, but most of what I write and play never reaches another person’s ears. It stays between them and I, bouncing off the walls of my room. In my next post, I will disclose my guitars’ dietary needs, but for now, let this photo serve as a teaser.