Very Real: Glenn

Jade Ichimura

Glenn has frog’s legs so he is very well equipped to trudge around Maurice’s swamp, however despite this advantage, he usually stays in the trees. Since Glenn only has one eye, he sticks to the upper canopy, where he can take in everything going on below. From his comfortable crow’s nest, he is able to see the small visitors from his tree-top perch and avoid being surprised by enemies, spies, trappers, and swamp janitors. 

 Glenn watches the ants crawl through the crevices, the spiders spin their webs, and the mosses release their spores. In general, swamp people don’t make much noise because as you may know, they have no mouths. Glenn is especially quiet and reserved; he prefers to watch the lichen and sac fungi propagate near the water instead of interacting with other swamp beings. As some of you know, Glenn is the philosopher of the swamp, or perhaps the monk or the guru. He prefers to keep his distance and ponder the meanings of life.