Artistic Perception: Inhibitions

I have found my deliverance In the eyes of the sky, hiding. The light trickling in, along with the drops of water, lifts me up into the clouds. My wishes are scarred by unfulfilled promises, yet I taste the sweet blue sky. I pour back down with the rain, and here I am, in contact with the concrete with a fist full of grass that will only bring glistening joy for a short time Reminiscence of the past years have created a jumbled version of me creating mass hysteria among the faces of my inner circle sometimes even the softest and deceiving images fall under the evil category traces of black linger throughout their closets, and despite this, their feelings seclude the darkest deep reds which wish to ooze. Song Inspiration: Cuco – We had to end it Edition – Rex Orange County Frequently – UMI Camped – RINI