Hay Fever: Thank You

This is my second to last post. I’m pretty sad about it, but reflecting on this cycle, I’ve learned a lot about music production. PUTT-PUTT got to bring some of our ideas to life which was really exciting, and along the way, we made changes and additions that we otherwise would never have thought of. There were some changes in the plan, but that only led to something new for us to create. Our most recent song is finally complete and will be posted very soon.

On top of all the experiences, I met some really cool people here and got to work with Jon and Michael, two of the most chill, funny, and talented guys I know. Shoutout to them for helping us out all of the time, especially me, as I’m still relatively new to this whole blog thing. I’ve had a great time working here and learned some important skills that I couldn’t have learned anywhere else. Thank you Sunset Media Wave for giving me a fun semester. There was never a dull moment. Be back soon!