Here Lai’s Our Truth: Finding Light

You cannot sum up a whole community’s history in seven posts, but my intention was not to summarize their hardships and experiences. I wanted them to tell their stories and learn from them. The end of my column is just that, the end of my column. This topic goes beyond my column, and it goes beyond me. There are thousands of people with stories to tell, and I couldn’t reach them all in 11 weeks. I cannot give every story a platform, but the stories I gathered are all powerful and they taught me about things I never knew and pushed me to learn more about my community’s history. The Amerasian community is small, yet their stories are so significant. The biggest thing I took away from this experience is that you are not defined by your rough start, but by how you continue to push past the dark and create light. So, go out there and create your own light and learn through listening to others’ stories.