Ethereality: Paris

Erica Ng

The stage begins in darkness. Sabrina Carpenter appears with her electric guitar, as a pin spotlight shines down on her, making her outfit sparkle. She is about to perform her song “Paris” and the crowd cheers in anticipation.

*Opening guitar riff plays*

This was just one of the things I experienced at the Singular Tour in Berkeley. I remember the excitement I felt when I met Sabrina for the first time and it only grew as I listened to one of my favorite songs of hers live. Ever since I first listened to ‘Paris,’ I have been intrigued by her lyrics. The song’s story about trying to find love in the city of love and, upon being there, coming to the realization that love was already inside you. This idea has really captivated me.

Scared to put the water with the roses / Halfway across the world for me to notice / But I know this, yeah I know this, yeah”

These are my favorite lyrics from the song, which is why I chose to use it for my edits. Here’s more insight into the meaning behind them, as explained by Sabrina: “You are purposefully not allowing yourself to see something… to growing in terms, but it was right in front of you.” Thinking in this mindset, I have found that the song relates to how I feel presently, and in many ways, it has also helped me grow as a person.