Chloe Smiles: Musically Illiterate


The picture above is a scanned image of the way I’m writing some music for my song right now. I never really learned how to properly play the guitar; I tried taking a couple of lessons when I first got into it, but I couldn’t afford them, and I wasn’t enjoying them much anyways. It makes sense, then, that I cannot read sheet music for the guitar, right? To compensate, I use tabs, which is another method of composing music for any stringed instrument that has frets. It’s pretty straight-forward, the letters on the left are the guitar strings from top to bottom, the numbers are which fret to play the string on. A bunch of other tools are used generally with tabs, but aren’t pictured here and would take too long to explain. You can see I have some notes on the side, but those are just reminders for me when I’m writing. It’s like, totally gnarly dude!