Motion of the Ocean: Mission 1, Choreographing

I have begun to choreograph for my piece, and the very first obstacle I have run into is simply finding a space to choreograph in. So far, I have created about one minute worth of choreography. (The picture above is a rough sketch of some of the movements that I have incorporated into my dance.) The biggest challenge I face when choreographing is my own inconsistency. Sometimes, I have many ideas and am very efficient at coming up with new ideas for movements. Other times, I feel as though my brain is buffering, and I take a very long time to choreograph, which discourages me. To help with this, I usually take a break and listen to other music until I feel fresh and ready to continue.  However, I would like to find other ways to help my creative thinking process. Something I learned from my experience is that documenting everything you create is very important. There have been countless times that I forgot what I choreographed and had to start over where I left off.  Not only does it help me remember, but it also it is satisfying to see what I came up  with in physical form. I’m excited to see the end product of my dance video! See ya later, alligators.


This is my storyboard for my dance video. I’m going to try to film underwater for the first thirty seconds, and eventually it will transition into a studio setting. Hope this works out!