I’m going to release my music under the name ANAKKOIN.

I’m hapa, half-white and half-Asian. Hapas always do the most to make it known that they’re hapa, so that’s what I’m doing: the most.

To be specific, I’m half-Filipino. I grew up with that side of the family, but I’ve always looked different from them, and no one has ever let me forget that.

“Anak ko” means “my child” in Tagalog. Parents use it when speaking to their children – adults in general use it when speaking to any child. I have been called anak ko by my relatives since I was born. As for the “IN” at the end of my name, it’s meant to be like, “ANAK KO starring IN: x and y,” like they do it in the movies. Like I’m doing in my music.

This name is the manifestation of how I’ve come to terms with myself after years of internal conflict. I am my mother’s daughter. I am Filipino. I am a creator and I put myself into my creations. No matter where this music thing goes, I will always have ANAKKOIN to remind me of who I am.