Ambitious Animation Batteries: Staring into the Eye of Cthulhu

The preparation work for this animation took a lot longer than I thought but with tedious adjustments and patience, the drawing above is what I created. In Adobe Illustrator, the trace image tool that I initially used led to a lot of miscolored parts and deformed sections. Because of that, I had to do a lot of detail work to fix the coloration of the pixels. Since you’ve been so patient, I’m going to share a coming attraction for my next animation. If you don’t want a spoiler, stop right here (you can read the P.S)! Looking at my drawing above, you can probably tell that this will be included in my animation and you may even be able to guess what it’s about. This animation is a bit of a comedy, in which the player fights with the Eye of Cthulhu (pictured above) in a unique way that you can’t do in the actual game, Terraria.

Cthulhu pronounced: Khlûl′-hloo

P.S. The animation will be out next week!