Journey to the Pilot: Meet the Cast!

Hello and welcome to my fourth post. In this post, you will meet the amazing cast that worked so hard to make this project possible. I am lucky enough to consider everyone in the cast a good friend of mine. I have the best cast out there and it is my pleasure to introduce the amazing cast of Rachel.

I swear I did not pay them to say those nice things about me or be in this film; I just bribed them with food. A special thanks to Suzanne Kristapovich and Matthew Tan, film students of SF State, for being extras in this film. I could not be happier that you saw us in Target and approached to see if we needed help because you were curious why a bunch of teens were holding a camera and a boom mic. You both are greatly appreciated. I hope you enjoy the little video, thank you for being a part of my journey to the pilot. Stay tuned, because the next post will be the final film.