Nanhee’s Opinions: Solidarity from San Francisco

Welcome to the new headquarters of an 18-year-old Asian-American millennial who will express her perspective on the role of Western imperialism in Latin America, Africa, and the Middle East. I am using my middle name (Nanhee) in the title of my column because it represents both my East Asian heritage, specifically my half-Korean heritage. Expect me to share my knowledge and opinions about current geo-political issues, the historical context behind them and my opinions about where we should be focusing our energy. Major media outlets report regularly on the protestors in Gaza who face the Israeli military, on the Central American migrant crisis to the US-Mexico border, on socio-economic conditions in West Africa that lead to an influx of migrants en route to Italian shores and other events. However, they rarely acknowledge the roles of the United States, France and other superpowers in maintaining this status quo. My goal is to shine a light on these blind spots of critical importance and share my frustration with the exploitive policies that my country has imposed on millions in poorer and less powerful countries. Throughout these next few months, my posts will function as an act of solidarity with those who are resisting the yoke of imperialism in these regions.