Dressed-Up Dress Up: Chiaki Nanami

For my second post, I’m cosplaying Chiaki Nanami from the game Danganronpa 2. In the game, sixteen high school students are trapped on an island and forced to kill each other to escape. Each student has a unique talent, and the character I picked is known for her skill at video games. I dressed as Chiaki when I attended my first con in 2018, and I’m pretty attached to cosplaying her. That said, it’s been a few years since I dressed up as her so I wanted to give it another shot, but with a few updates to make her costume fit my tastes. 

I’ve started adding more accessories to my cosplays and styling the wig and makeup differently, based on the character. I had fun giving the wig fluffy curls, though I hit some roadblocks: I don’t own a curling iron, so I had to heat the hair with a flat iron and lock in the curls with my comb. The result turned out a little messier, but I ended up liking the way it looked. I also chose to wear my favorite shoes for cosplay, which you can see below!

If you’re interested in seeing more of my cosplay, you can follow my instagram @h8spital. I’m excited to share my next post; I’ve been working on something fun!