Project V: Flower Language

For this post and the rest of the column, I have decided to continue with the Hard Dip Pen as my mainline art tool. This decision completes the first step for the love story I’m creating. The next step is creating the characters. That is why for this post, I’ve been thinking a lot about the beauty of flower language and communication through a bouquet of flowers. I plan to use the following four flowers as the basis for my character designs:


Gladiolus: strength of character, faithfulness, and honor


Hyacinth: playfulness and sporty attitude


Violet: truth and loyalty


Azaleas: a developing passion, fragile, and temperance


I chose to use flowers because I think that they reflect humans quite well in the sense that their outward appearances are often taken for granted. Oftentimes, whether it be the flowers growing in the park or the people on the bus, we take them all in at face value. We skim over the idea that just like flowers and the flower language, we too hide a meaningful inner quality.