Teenage Fever: Quarantine and Chill

Being stuck at home for a long time seems like the true concept of Teenage Fever. With COVID-19 around, 3 weeks in bed is a burden, so why not kill some time with me?

For my third post, I wanted to have some fun. I’ve always wanted to make a YouTube video on my own, but I never had the time. Now, with my iPhone 7 and free editing apps, I’ve created a vlog that captures my songwriting process in action! Although it’s not much progress, it’s a start! I’ll keep it short to let my half awake self carry on, enjoy the video!

Diary Entry #3

Being quarantined gave me a lot of free time. So, I wanted to express what I’ve been doing around the house with my collage. As you can see, I put some TV shows, songs, and games that have kept me entertained. None of these are productive but it’s okay!