Ronin O’Malley – Through a Blurry Lens


My friend Luke
nothing and everything to teach me
I’ve never met someone who changed so much
and so little at the same time

Blonde hair like sunlight and a fiery spirit
12 years ago we met in the sandbox
12 years later we’ve had more sleepovers than I can remember

Hot vanilla milk and D&D
you always had the coolest legos
camp half-blood, frost valley
you got me into Kendrick
now I like him more than you
court of the Crimson King, Kind of Blue, To Pimp a Butterfly
I practically base my life off your music recommendations

Can’t forget Coney Island
yellow vomit across the cement
after a twisty ride

I still remember the canoe trip, the contest,
Captain Crunch and Cocoa Puffs,
we have it dry because the milk was like chalk

No swimming without water shoes
the fireworks and boat parade
how the rain flooded our tent
came home with mildew clothes and soggy books
the feeling of the green, cold lake water
tastes like Sunday brunch
and smells like the chunky life vests
we had to wear on the trampoline

Late night convos went crazy
dark nights and falling asleep to rain
hot afternoons crowding around Teebo’s fan

I can’t lie I stole all your phrases
You taught me twizzy
Eyes up here buddy
I can’t hear you over Johnny’s laughter

Dickies and a Polo, a combo that I wear today
fake EE’s Brian and you rocked
pair it with a beater and black crocs

The tan lines didn’t go away until September
no matter how far apart we still keep in touch
laughing over the dumb and serious things
that we go through in our teenage boy lives

The occasional text or call makes my day

Sandbox forever and always