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Apply to Join our Summer Cycle!


Join us as a contributor to Sunset Media Wave! Together, a website and zine publisher for high school artists. Spend the summer completing a project that you’re passionate about along with a cohort of 15-20 teen artists. SUMMER CYCLE DATES 6/12 – 8/1!

Application Questions 

Please fill out the following Application Questions. Since 2013, we have been supporting diversity and holding space for the most vulnerable members of our San Francisco youth population.


  • Completion of an original project.
  • Promotion of your completed work.
  • Attending an average of 3 afternoons per week, Monday through Friday, 2-6 pm. (During summer, we assume that each participant will miss one week for a vacation, but you are required to share any travel plans in your application.)


  • Financial stipend of $250.
  • Killer snacks!
  • Letter of recommendation for job and college applications.
  • Fun and inspired community of artistic peers.
  • Supportive and knowledgeable artistic mentors.


Our headquarters are at 3925 Noriega Street in the Outer Sunset.


Please use to contact Sunset Media Wave with any questions. Check out our previous issues of Sunset Micro Wave, ideally on a desktop or laptop with earbuds/headphones!




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