Fashion Soup for the Sartorial Soul: Introduction


Hello lovely Sunset Media Wave readers,

My name is Campbell and I’m here to bring you a taste of fine art, film, music, food, style and everything in between with my column Fashion Soup for the Sartorial Soul. As cliché and overly rhythmic as it sounds, fashion is my passion. So through my posts, I hope to ignite within you a sense of empowerment and creative expression similar to what I feel when I get dressed in the morning. I ultimately strive to connect the seemingly contrasting aspects of popular culture and high fashion. Though most people consider style to be separate from other art forms, the vast sartorial industry encompasses and inspires so much more than just clothing. Along the way, you’ll discover a handful of underrated fashion icons and gain some insight into the way trends trickle down from the runways, to major retailers and beyond. Having struggled to confidently flaunt my personal style in the past, I also aim to be a catalyst for other bold fashionistas who dare to dress for themselves and unapologetically forgo sartorial norms.

And as for my column’s mouthful of a title, the “soup” part comes from the number one running joke throughout my life: the unavoidable connection people form between my first name and Campbell’s Chicken Noodle Soup. When you mix that with a twist on the title of the popular motivational book series “Chicken Soup for the Soul” and my obvious love for clothing (and maybe a healthy sprinkle of humor), you get the deliciously fabulous melting pot that is my blog.

I’m truly excited to share with you all a piece of myself through this project, and I encourage you guys to stay tuned for the many exciting––and hopefully inspiring––posts to come!

Lastly, here are some unnecessary fun facts about myself just so we can get acquainted a little better:

1. As an aspiring journalist I also write for my school’s newspaper, The Lowell.

2. I’m obsessed with drag queens and I would without a doubt pursue drag as a career if I wasn’t born a girl.

3. Like some people go nuts over sports, tuning into Award Show Season and Fashion Week are major annual events in my life.

4. Too much of my free time is spent lip-syncing to Beyonce songs.

5. I blow absurd amounts of money on brunch.

6. I also enjoy thrifting and collecting vinyl records like a true San Francisco hipster.

7. I dress almost exclusively in black and white.

8. You can also find me on Instagram @cmpbllg