Follow the Yellow Brick Road: Aglet

Follow the Yellow Brick Road: Aglet

“I feel so used every day, underappreciated, and worthless. But I know I’m needed.” — Aglet

My purpose in life is to make other lives easier. Day in, day out, I’m used but never thanked. Invisible yet crucial. Barely there, but I make all the difference. I came from a thought, an idea turned famous worldwide. But am I really famous if no one knows my name? 

I am the reason that billions around the world can save a few seconds in their busy schedule when they leave the house. I extend the life of their prized shoelaces, saving them money for years and years. And the gratitude I’m shown? Nonexistent. To understand me, you must live a life of solitude, but not by choice. You must be content with helping from the shadows and only the false hope of one day being in the limelight. You need to suffer the pain of being alone. 

I am the aglet. I carry the wishes of my creator to make everyone’s life easier. My brother, the shoe, receives all the praise for making walking more comfortable. However, I keep the laces in place. I make sure the laces can handle the wear and tear of teenagers and children. I hold the laces together to tie your shoes. I am the aglet. I’m ignored. Mistreated. But I persevere. I know my existence matters. If I can make another person’s life even the tinest bit easier, I’ll do it. I am the aglet. Strong. Proud. I’ve made my mark on this world, whether anyone acknowledges it or not. I am the aglet, and I’ll persevere.

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