Anna Wong – Noooooo…

Anna Wong

Lured in by the toasted aroma, you walk into a cozy bakery. You’re greeted with dainty baked goods instead of the seller, and begin choosing which delicacy to have for breakfast. (Anything’s a delicacy when you’re broke.) You stare at the glistening egg tarts, but your frugality kicks in as you see the ‘Buy One Get One Free – Pineapple Bun’ sign, and you reluctantly order that instead. Knowing that the bun alone will not satisfy your appetite, you add a cup of sweetened coffee to your order. The cup of dulcet liquid is delivered to your seat, but you stupidly knock over the drink with your bag. Oh well, looks like you paid extra for that pineapple bun.

I started working with polymer clay five years ago and focused on making charms to sell on Etsy. This diorama is a piece of Time Candy for me because it takes me back to Hong Kong, my birthplace. I imagine that some teens were swimming or barbecuing in hot places this summer, but for me, sculpting traditional Cantonese food was new and exciting, with a lot less mosquitos and more ideas for the future!