School Deconstructed: Locally Lunched

Three dollars can get you to a lot of places. A single-trip Muni ticket is two dollars and seventy-five cents and capable of landing you anywhere within the city. At school however, three dollars can get you as far as a sloppy tray of unidentifiable food. The average tray of school lunch usually consists of a carton of milk, unripened fruit, and a “revolutionary” meal with plastic peel-off film.

SFUSD school lunch, two different lunches.

My school has open campus lunch. Most kids who do go off campus usually end up going to Uncle Joe (formerly known as “Lincoln Market”) or down the hill to Taraval Street.

Lincoln Market was known for their less-than-average sandwiches, costco muffins, and soft drinks. Recently, they’ve come under new management and completely revamped the space and their menu. Now they serve items such as chicken tenders and fries, a variety of sandwich bagels, as well as soft drinks.

Uncle Joe, chicken tender and fries.

When going down to Taraval Street, you will find an overwhelming amount of high schoolers roaming the sidewalks. Outsiders beware. Most of these restaurants offer discount prices to the young and hungry Lincoln students. You have a number of options when you go down there: boba, rice plates, chicken katsu, KFC/Taco Bell, sandwiches, pizza, and diner food. The typical boba shops are Quicklys, Super Cue, Tea For Me (TFM), and some students even go as far as Tpumps. Eight Immortals offers different Chinese entrees over rice, where Ninki and Sushi Zen provides you with chicken katsu over rice. For reasonably priced sandwiches you have places like Deli King and Banhwich; but for a  fancier sandwich, definitely hit up Lou’s Cafe or Grubbin’. The largest restaurant in the area is Tennessee Grill. Kids who desire the typical diner food usually go here.

Boba, Super Cue, TFM, and Quicklys.
Chicken over rice, Ninki and Eight Immortals.
Sandwiches, Banchwich and Deli King.