Letters of Abstraction: Dear Reader

Dear Reader,

Do you ever just sit in the dark and wonder why you feel the way you do?

What is it? That fish hook of emotions that pulls so deeply on your very existence that it’s all you can think about? I’m going to be writing to those feelings, and in a way, to all of myself and all of you, dear reader. Letters of abstraction is a place for you to question the things you already know and to unravel your own emotions and your personal mysteries. Because you are not alone. Ever. I urge you to let go of your physical reality as you read my letters and dive deep into yourself. Stop and have a conversation with your envy, your fear, your independence, your love, and your insecurity. Explore yourself. I want to reach you and help you just as much as I want to reach and help myself, because at the end of the day, as we’ll discover through writing our heated letters, it’s up to us to decide who we are and what we can overcome.

 – Letters of Abstraction

Photo: Michaelle Ton