Hidden in the Shadows: Introduction

Often when you think of shadows, you think of the one following you. In movies, we see the mysterious shot of the bad guy’s shadow slowly creeping up on the main character, which causes us to be even more curious about the villain. Hidden in the Shadows will follow my curiosity for light and shadow by capturing them in portraits, candids, and some architectural shots. I’ve always been fascinated by candid portraits. Candids capture a moment that can’t be relived. They aren’t about adjusting someone’s posture or fixing their make-up. They let you see how a person really is in an exact moment. Shadows on the other hand don’t always accurately portray the object they’re shadowing. They vary in shapes, sizes, and colors. With the big differences between candids and shadows, I’m beyond eager to combine them together to see the outcomes.

Model: Elsie Karlak