Feel The Beat: Intro 2.0

Hello and welcome to Feel the Beat, a new column from Emy Gepilano (the former columnist for Quiet On Set). While at first I was excited about the idea of my Quiet On Set column, I soon realized that I didn’t really enjoy what I was writing about. I guess I first liked the idea for Quiet On Set because at the time I was in a musical and I wanted to write something related to that musical, but as the musical ended, so did my excitement for that column. However, there was one particular post where I talked about my experience at a Panic! at the Disco concert, and I realized that I really enjoyed writing about that experience. So now, I welcome you to my new and improved column: Feel The Beat. Here, I will be reviewing concerts and the many aspects that go into them, maybe even adding in some of my weird encounters along the way.

I started going to concerts in 2012 and since then I have gone to quite a few, and still continue to attend concerts whenever I am able to. The environment of a concert and the feeling of the beat taking over my whole body is what makes me love concerts and enjoy them whether or not I am familiar with the artist performing. Hopefully through Feel the Beat you can share in my love for concerts and maybe even find a deeper appreciation for live music.

By the way, that’s Manatee Commune pictured above.