Artistic Perception: Doomed

Slices across my face, like knives

There to drain me of my blood

The red rushes throw my veins

If only there was a support, a savior, to lift me and release me of these burdens that hold me down like chains

I crave the deliverance of this curse

Erase the miles of despair that has shadowed me

Two, three, four faces in the vast distance pass by like ghosts, blurs of memories that will never arise again

Now they are opaque visions that circle my thoughts

Two changes, one chance,

A blur, now a pristine sketch of reality that may shift who I am, what I was, and where I’ll be.

Song Inspiration:

Vince Stapes – BagBak

Radiohead – Black star

Kevin Abstract – Use me

Tyler, The Creator – GONE, GONE / THANK YOU