Mike Abella – Dreamcast

One of my friends gave me a guitar tuned unusually to an open D on Valentine’s Day. I decided to mess around with it until I stumbled upon a warm chord progression which later transformed into this song. After getting feedback from my friends about my lyrics, the song transformed from one that asks about the listener’s dreams into under the guise of a platonic love song.  This is also my first time recording while singing and playing, so enjoy! 

What if we were made for

Something a bit more? 

Do you want to believe? 


What if we weren’t here

Never know what’s near 

Tell me how you dream.


You know what you want

But what do you need?

Look through yourself,

And say what you see 


Let go of your dial 

For get your tone  

Now, say, 

help me know 


What is your dream,

What do you 


Tell me I’m listening

What will

Set you



It’s not; about your worth 

Never how; it seems.

grade or; pay there’s more to  

life then these; Behind the 

itch to achieve, think be;