This One Time…: Settings + Character List for Second Video

Background Information:

It was a warm day in San Francisco, and everything was very calm and serious in math class until a small interruption occurred, involving a bunch of flowers and vegetables.


High School

desks in row in classroom

My math teacher is a great man with a very dry sense of humor. He is a very good teacher, but the class is definitely always intense.

Main Characters:






My friend from the first video, main cause to all of my embarrassing stories… every.. single… time.


The moment I step into math class, I am no longer Lilibelle, but instead a nerd.
It’s as if I am in a bubble, and everything inside is math.

mr leeMr. Lee:

Our Pre-Calc teacher


– Have you heard about the 12 months of Valentine’s Day?

Yes! It is a real thing and some people in China does take it very seriously!

January 14th 日记情人节 (Diary Day)
February 14th 传统情人节 (Valentine’s Day)
March 14th 白色情人节(White Day)
April 14th 黑色情人节(Black Day)
May 14th 黄色与玫瑰情人节 (Yellow and Rose Day)
June 14th 亲吻情人节 (Kiss Day)
July 14th 银色情人节(Silver Day)
August 14th 绿色情人节 (Green Day)
September 14th 音乐情人节与相片情人节 (Music Day & Photo Day)
October 14th 葡萄酒情人节(Wine Day)
November 14th 橙色情人节与电影情人节(Orange Day Movie Day)
December 14th 拥抱情人节(Hug Day)


-By the way, did you also know that it is possible to flip someone off with just fruits and/or vegetables?

Stay tuned to see what happened between us in math class on March 14th (White Valentine’s Day), 2016!