Tall Tayles: Artistic Break

Chantay Borela

Life, too often, becomes tiring. Making art, especially comics, is no different. Junior year in itself has been stressful. Making any kind of big project has been too exhausting for me to keep up. For this post, instead of a continuation of Tall Tayles, I’m sharing art that was required of me by my school. The following pieces are part of my application for AP Studio Art. It was refreshing to do paintings nonstop for a few hours, rather than comics for days on end. It was even more refreshing just to rest. But comics will return in the next post. Thanks for your patience!

Would you believe that I made this because I was inspired by South Park? The exhausted fallen angel vibe is everything. I’m guessing you want backstory to that. In the earlier seasons of South Park, the character Kenny would die every episode, just to come back the next without anyone remembering. He himself had expressed anger over this phenomenon in many episodes. Because of my love of him when I was younger, I always drew him; but I drew him with bruises and scars as to indicate his previous deaths or wings and a broken halo, to indicate a fallen angel. When recently watching South Park, I remembered this and decided to take these concepts and apply them to an original, much more serious piece. That’s where the inspiration came, but if you asked me personally, I’d say it has undertones of self harm and suicidal idealizations rather than constant death.

This one was made to be a counterpart to the other painting. To counteract the angel girl, he’s a devil. To contrast the purple, his main color is yellow. Instead of his looking beaten and depressed, he is smug and victorious.