In Castaway Bottles: Intro

In Castaway Bottles, we will follow the inner thoughts and feelings of Alizakai, the heroine of my fictional posts. Alizakai, like most people, has built up her share of regrets in life, mainly because of her inability to verbally express her thoughts. In an effort to remedy this challenge, she attempts to undo her regrets through the advice of a friend. After much thought, she decides to write messages that she wished she could have sent, or said, or communicated when she had the chance.

I know what you’re thinking! My column isn’t based on the sensational Netflix original, To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, but I don’t want to be sued for copyright infringement, so let’s call it a parody. I didn’t realize how similar the ideas sounded until after I tried explaining my column to a friend who pointed me to the series. But I swear at the time I had the idea before I gained the knowledge of its existence! The origin story of the name is quite simple and once you know the story of this column, you will see how it came into fruition, and how my column has it own take on the realities of regret.