Tarot Time!: Seven of Cups

Typically when divination is shown in the media, it’s terrifying. The psychic’s eyes roll back into her head, a demon appears through the glass of a Ouija board planchette, or someone starts bleeding from…well, anywhere. In truth, divination can be scary, but will never cause death. Tarot Time! is here to prove that! Or at least it’s here to prove that tarot cards won’t kill you. Divination can take many forms, which range from tarot cards to lithomancy (divination with stones). The cards are more my style and they are an easy way to answer complicated or open-ended questions. From it, you can gain an answer, or at least some clarity in your situation, which is what we really need for the most part. The length of time required to get an answer or to find out something about yourself depends on the type of reading. Single card readings, for example, can take just a few minutes, whereas something like the ten card reading can take ten minutes. The question one asks can also factor into this.

I got into this form of divination out of nowhere. I’d never really thought anything of tarot cards and I never thought that one day I’d be doing readings for people. The only reason I got the cards in the first place was because one of my favorite authors, Maggie Stiefvater, created a hand-drawn deck, showing that not only is she an amazing author, but an amazing artist as well. The Tarot cards were a gift from a friend for Christmas and I’ve been trying my best to learn about them and really understand the cards. Tarot, although simplistic, can be hard to understand if you don’t know what you’re doing. The cards all mean something different and, depending on how you interpret the cards, the meanings can be super hard or super easy to understand.

In Tarot Time, I will write about readings I’ve done for my friends and share their results. Results from readings I’ve done so far have been terrifyingly accurate and one person almost cried. Hopefully, non-believers will become open to a greater power, or just think that tarot can be a path to deeper insight. Either way, I hope you enjoy Tarot Time!