Train of Thought: All Aboard

Honestly, I hate introductions. You can’t gage anything about a person through one paragraph of their boasts or self-deprecations. It’s hard to decide which part of a person is worth sharing, seeing, and holding on to. My solution to this misleading world of introductions has been to share all of myself! If I reveal my truly vulnerable side to the world then maybe at least one person will be able to connect to me or find a way to heal by reading my work. If that happens, any pain that comes from the process of being vulnerable will have been worth it. That’s what I want you to know about me going into this. Here are some additional fun facts about me: My name is Johanna and I am a sixteen year old triplet who has no sense of smell and has lived her whole life in the city by the bay. But really, I’m here to tell personal stories and feelings through poetry and prose. I hope you feel something while reading my work and maybe like it also. See you around!