Dream Counsel: The Front Desk

Hello and welcome to your first dream therapy session with our very own Dream Counsel! We are beyond honored you’ve decided to join our circle and we hope to provide you with all the help and resources you need. Our expert psychologists will lead group sessions to offer support and strengthen your experience with us. At the end of each session, members of the circle will be given an analysis by our specialists. Based on your description of the dream in question, they’ll compile an evaluation via letter and hand it to you on your way out. We have developed this process in order to ensure that our patients are properly informed about their situations.

Having a physical copy available can be beneficial to individuals if unforeseen events were to occur. But if you would also like to hear your results verbally, you may request one as soon as you sign in at the front desk. We only ask for your cooperation and confidentiality so as to prevent harm to others, or to yourself. If you have any further questions, comments or concerns, feel free to email our psychologists and staff at thedreamcounsel@bmail.org or call us at 1-800-DREAM-COUNSEL. Although today is the legendary Friday the 13th, we wish you the best of luck in sleeping with good dreams!

Please wait in the waiting room until your designated appointment. One of our specialists will be with you shortly.