Follow the Yellow Brick Road: BubBle

There is no angry way to say “bubBles” — bubBles

How is your world viewed? Through a bubBle? Trapped inside a limited reality seems normal, but only because of its translucence! How much do you consider the world around you? Are you truly aware of your surroundings? Follow the Yellow Brick Road will explore the backstories of everyday objects that go unappreciated and unnoticed in everyday society. For instance, consider a lamp. A lamp is commonly seen, yet it often goes unnoticed. Its literal meaning is a device that gives us light. But, not only literal light; it casts a shine upon people in their darker times. It represents the hard work of those who believed light could be made without fire. A lamp represents the idea that if we put our mind to something, we can do it. It is the pinnacle of human innovation, and yet we don’t always see that, do we? Follow the Yellow Brick Road‘s goal: to make you think. Think about hidden significance and realize that everything and everyone has a purpose and talent. Once you realize this crucial message of life, only then can you pop the bubble. Welcome lovely readers, to a new world of wonder!