A Pause for Sanity: Endings

As cheesy as it may sound, all good things really do come to an end. This saying can carry some negative connotations, as many people resent endings and see them as sad. However, it is important to cherish the silver linings that come along with them. Each experience provides you with life experience and insight and can leave you with countless opportunities and new interests. I chose to center my final post around various sunsets I have experienced, as sunsets have always represented the beautiful, happy part of endings for me.

When I began my cycle, I felt lost and anxious about the future of my column. I knew I wanted to focus on photography, but not much else. I am endlessly grateful for the constant judgement-free help I received throughout my experience. I was given the opportunity to work freely on an art form that I have always been passionate about and it has helped to take my mind off of external stressors. Although I am sorry this cycle is already over, I appreciate the many newly acquired skills I am walking away with and expect to utilize them for the rest of my life.