The Cheezer’s Mark: Stop! You almost got the Cheese Touch.

Hello and welcome my fellow Cheezer Readers! Wait, stop! Dear god man! You almost got the Cheese Touch, something you are not yet worthy of. The name’s Karime, The Cheezer Senior and I’m probably the weirdest gal you will ever meet. I am the girl reaching for the cheese right now.

I just gained the most amazing power. The highest honor ever. I am in control of who is, and is not, worthy of being a Cheezer. Don’t know what a Cheezer is? Well basically, it’s someone who is unique in their own way. Someone who is odd and, at the same time, the best version of themselves that they can be. Also, someone who likes to steal cheese occasionally. You’ll have the mark of a true Cheezer soon. Don’t worry; everyone has a Cheezer’s mark deep down that just needs to be unleashed.

Here at The Cheezer’s Mark I will post comics depicting my odd thoughts and the odd things I see and hear during my daily routine in the foggy city of San Francisco. The purpose of my work is simply to bring joy and laughter into your day with the weird experiences I get to laugh about in mine. I hope you get to love my set of Cheezers. They go by the names of Reign, Heaven, Vida, Pandora, Enzo, Finn, Cory, Manolo, and my main character, Alex Pearlray Koby. These people are colorful and a bit odd, but you’ll learn more in my next post. Adios Cheezers!