Fashion Obscura: Anatomy of the Modern Day Fashion Show, Part 2

If you aren’t caught up, read Part 1 here.

The Setting

Designers have a great deal of freedom when it comes to this component, but it is also one they take seriously. The various elements of the setting are key to creating a successful fashion show and are often what the audience will remember the show by.

Show location: At New York Fashion Week, many of the top designers choose to hold their shows at the various venues across Manhattan. This past spring, the infamous Milk Studios was one of three official locations, alongside Moynihan Station and Skylight Clarkson Square in the West Village. In the past, many shows had been held at Lincoln Center.

Milk Studios in downtown Manhattan

Designers often choose to forgo the traditional options, especially those who are extremely well established and respected. In 2007, Karl Lagerfeld famously held his Fendi fashion show at the Great Wall of China, which is estimated to have been a $10 million production.

Fendi show at the Great Wall of China

Music: The track playing during a fashion show is key to setting the tone of the event. Designers try to keep the soundtrack energetic without being overwhelming, and it is almost always guaranteed to have a strong beat for the models walking down the runway. In recent years, designers have chosen a wide range, from the Beastie Boys to Rihanna to the Talking Heads.

Check out this great playlist below!