Child Wonder: Once Upon a Thought

Child Wonder: Once Upon a Thought

As a child, have you ever looked at a cloud and thought it resembled a frog? Or maybe you were driving in your family car at night looking at the street lights only to spot spiderman web-slinging through the air? Or look at Sutro Tower and imagine Captain Hook’s ship? Or just look outside your window and imagine snow? Well, I have and still do. I have a child-like imagination that continues to grow. I’m the type of person who plans to jump on a bouncy house until my dying day. Peter Pan once said…

“Keep adventuring and stay not a grown up.”

I listened, Peter!  With this new column, I will use my childlike imagination and point of view and implement it on my artwork. By doing this, I hope to inspire others to look at their own lives with childlike wonder. Everyone has it in them, it’s about making the choice to embrace it. Farewell, for now, my fellow lost youth, until we meet again!

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