Por the Kulture: Nagpapakilala sa Inyong Lahat an Culture Namin!

Translation: For the Culture: I am going to introduce you all to our culture! (Slight note: The uses of F and P in this column are interchangeable due to the fact that most Filipinos who are able to speak the mother tongue, may confuse the letters F and P for one another.)

If you were to ask me about what I love about being Filipino, I’d probably shut down because of the many different things being listed in my mind. I’m literally such a big Filipino fanatic that it’s slowly becoming a little disturbing. Whether you’re someone of Filipino descent, or someone interested in the culture, or even just someone completely clueless on what a “Filipino” is, hopefully after tuning into Por the Kulture, you’ll leave with some piece of pinoy knowledge.

But welcome aboard the Philippine Airlines!

Hopefully you all aren’t running on Filipino time, because we will be taking off shortly. If you look above you to your right, you’ll see the compartment for your luggage. I’m praying sa diyos (to God) that no one drops their passports on the way in or out, so please double check around you. Now buckle your seatbelts, because we are now entering the Filipino Frenzy… Por the Kulture!